Let’s face it – technologies such as FTTx, SDN and NFV, Carrier Ethernet, the Internet of Things, and others are making our newest products more complex. Whether you’re a director of systems engineering, business development, sales, or product management,  if your role involves doing technical product presentations, product demonstrations, webinars, or other new product positioning activities, it’s always good to hone your presentation skills once in awhile. While attending a sales meeting a few years ago, a colleague presented a seminar on presentation skills and referenced The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo, and I referred to it today while reviewing one of my presentations. Amazon has it here in all formats – even audio for those who learn by listening more than reading. Whether you’re a PC enthusiast or an Apple fan, Steve Jobs knew how to capture an audience and position Apple’s products. I’ve used the advice in this book for years, and highly recommend it for anyone making technical presentations.