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New Post on ADTRAN Blog – 3 Solutions Service Providers are Using in Next-Gen Networks

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my personal blog, as I’ve been spending considerable time blogging at Here’s my latest post:

4 NFV Implementation Challenges

Earlier this year, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute finalized their package of NFV Standards, which provide the context, framework, and definition of network functions virtualization (NFV). NFV is an exciting new technology that will bring unprecedented flexibility, operational efficiency, and scalability to datacenters and service provider networks.

Implementing NFV means significant changes to service delivery models, network topologies, and purchasing methodology for service providers, and with change comes challenge. In this post, I’ll examine four challenges that carriers may encounter when implementing NFV.

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5 Emerging Trends in Telecommunications, FTTx, Business Service Delivery, and Enterprise Networking

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The telecommunications industry is changing faster than ever before. The combined effects of Moore’s Law, the installation of fiber optic cabling throughout the world, and the improvement of DSL technology are paving the way for faster connectivity and  increased use of cloud computing. In this article, I look at five emerging trends in the telecommunications, business services, and enterprise computing sectors.

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